Turkey Creek/2017 SPLOST Poll Reveals Project Support, Need for Information

October 5, 2015


Over 200 people have participated in the Turkey Creek-Yellow River Trail poll.  Feedback indicates enthusiastic support for including this long-planned, multi-use trail connecting Covington and Porterdale on the 2017 SPLOST.


Since the comments also revealed a need for more information about the trail and SPLOST, in general, we have created a special 2017 SPLOST page on the Newton Trails website. We hope this page answers questions on topics ranging from what SPLOST funds can be used for to the route the trail might take and ways that supporters can help push the project forward.


Want to know what poll participants had to say about the proposed Turkey Creek-Yellow River Trail? Here's a sampling of comments:


I support the trails projects because of the economic impact which can benefit a community as has been proven by the Atlanta beltline as well as in numerous other cities. Also the health benefits are an added bonus!



I use the Eastside Trail on a weekly basis and therefore I support the Turkey Creek Trail to give the western side of Newton County close access to a multi-use trail.



We have recently moved to Covington from Los Angeles. One of the things attracting us to the area were the bike paths & trails. We use these amenities regularly not only for recreation but to attract our friends from out of State who we would like to see move to the area as well. Not only should you fund the Turkey Creek Trail, you should also actively pursue converting the old rail line that goes to south of town to Mansfield & Newton. We have traveled all over the country from Idaho to Colorado to Missouri to Maine in order to ride and enjoy bike pathes such as these. Long trails through beautiful countryside make for great tourist attractions in addition to being wonderful resources for local users.



Newton County NEEDS these trails for the health and recreation of our current residents and to attract new ones, including businesses.



I am new to the area and I have no idea what the SPLOST is. But I am in favor of an expanded trail system. Let's take it as far as we can go.



I support this trail wholeheartedly. I believe that multiuse trails will improve the quality of life of County residents by providing healthy, low-impact recreational opportunities. For the same reasons, a robust trail network will make Newton County more attractive to new residents. I support funding the Turkey Creek trail with SPLOST revenues, and I hope the County will work with the cities and Newton Trails to bring other trail ideas off of the drawing board. Notably, I hope that momentum from recent projects and the Turkey Creek trail will be leveraged to realize planned connections to well-used trails in Rockdale and DeKalb counties.



I am a life-long Newton County resident who wants what is best for my community. In my work I do a great deal of traveling. Truly, I can tell you the most livable communities, the communities that attract the kind of commerce that promote further livability, have trails that afford exercise and positive family interaction. And what a beautiful and usable trail Turkey Creek would be!



I believe that increasing and improving the trail systems in Newton County will only benefit our community. Not only do trails encourage physical activity, they can also serve as attractions that bring both people and businesses to the area.



Increasing the trails in Newton will benefit those who use them with good health, and will pay back all residents with improved tourism! Because Porterdale has made such strides, the Yellow River Park is a perfect place to turn the county's focus.



Walking and biking trails give everyone a safe place to exercise.  It is also a wonderful place to meet friends and make new friends.  I highly recommend 2017 splost to help fund this project.



You can participate in the poll and share your comments by following this link.





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