Rail Trail Rules: Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Helpful

November 3, 2016

Newton Trails has installed public safety signage, including trail rules signs, along sections of open and soon-to-open rail trail.


Underlying the official trail rules are the basic tenets we learned in kindergarten: Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Helpful. We urge trail users to keep these tenets in mind as they enjoy the rail trail. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the listed trail rules and help us work as a community to uphold them: 


The trail is open to non-motorized users. Motorized wheelchairs are permitted. If you see someone operating any other type of motorized vehicle on the trail, please call 911. This is a major safety hazard and will be addressed by the authorities.


The trail is closed from dusk to dawn. No one should be on the trail after dark. If you see any activity that concerns you, please call 911.


Trail users must stay on trail. No trespassing on private property. Treat others as you wish to be treated - don't step onto the private property adjoining the trail.


Alcoholic beverages, smoking and unlicensed firearms are not allowed on trail. This rule speaks for itself.


Yield to pedestrians. Keep right and pass on left. Following proper trail etiquette makes the experience safer and more enjoyable for everyone!


Keep pets on leash and clean animal waste from trail. Pets need exercise too! Please bring them, but clean up after them because, well...yuck.


This is a primitive trail. Travel at your own risk. Remember, our trail currently has an uneven surface with lots of bumps, making it more suitable for activities like walking or mountain biking. We encourage you to travel the trail with a partner. If you do travel alone, bring your cellphone along and tell someone when and where you are going on the trail. Safety first!


Call 911 in an emergency. If you are involved in an emergency, witness suspicious activity or feel threatened in any way, please call 911.


Report maintenance issues to Newton Trails at info@newtontrails.org. If you see any trail maintenance issues of which we need to be aware, please contact us.


In addition to the written rules, it's important to note that littering and dumping are crimes, punishable by fines and jail time. Please carry out what you carry onto the trail, and, if you see litter, please pick it up. Report dumping to county or city code enforcement. (Newton County: 770-784-2097; City of Covington: 770-385-2000); City of Mansfield: 770-786-1946)


It's simple: Be Safe. Be Kind. Be Helpful. Together, we can keep our trail safe, clean and enjoyable for everyone!








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