A conversation with Brian Strickland, State Senator for District 17

Duane Ford, chair for the Newton Trails Board of Directors, had a recent teleconference meeting with Senator Brian Strickland. Here is the summary of that conversation. Ford expressed Newton Trails' displeasure with HB 1009 a bill that allows personal delivery vehicles, that is, robots, on Georgia trails, sidewalks, bicycles lanes, and elsewhere. Strickland said that HB 1009 was "sold to the Senate as an experiment to be conducted in Atlanta.” Ford noted that as it is written, it applies Statewide. Strickland added that if the bill becomes a problem, the Legislature would need to revisit it. He said, “No one wants our trails to be like those in Peachtree City,” where the trails are heavily used by golf carts. He also said he would have the Senate research office look at Newton Trails' questions about HB 1009 as the meaning and requirements of at least six of the bill's clauses are unclear. Newton Trails will share whatever it finds out. Strickland asked that Newton Trails keep him informed about our work especially when we interact with the State for grants or other matters. Ford mentioned the Cricket Frog Trail crossing at the Covington Bypass and the need for rapid flashers, the sort of safety lights that Newton County has installed at Piper Road. He asked for a summary of the conversations Newton Trails and Newton County have had with the Georgia Department of Transportation. Ford sent that information in a follow-up email message.