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Volunteer spotlight: Dave Sheffield & Cathy Glow, super hike leaders

Newton Trails' Wednesday morning group hikes would not be the same without volunteer hike leaders Dave Sheffield and Cathy Glow! They are simply the best! What was your career?

  • Dave - Engineer. Worked in the plastics industry and later for the Georgia Environmental Protection Division

  • Cathy - Pharmacy technician

How long have you lived in this area?

  • Dave - Moved to Conyers in 1988 and to Covington in 2002

  • Cathy - Lived around here all my life. I was born in Covington

Why volunteer with Newton Trails?

  • Dave - Started hiking with the Wednesday group. Enjoyed the exercise and opportunity to meet people. When the pandemic died down and hiking resumed, I became a hike leader and started planning the hike schedule.

  • Cathy - The group got shorthanded for hike leaders and we wanted to keep it going. I was scared at first, but realized that others could get us lost too, so no problem if I did.

What's been the best part of your volunteer work?

  • Dave - Being out in the woods hiking with people. Getting everyone out and back safely. I find it rewarding to help new hikers.

  • Cathy - Getting to be with nice people, learning about and seeing nature. Being outside and staying active.

What do you enjoy other than hiking?

  • Dave - Canoeing. Learned about canoeing in high school in Minnesota. Go back often to canoe in the Boundary Waters and elsewhere.

  • Cathy - Reading, going to football games, exercising at my favorite place.

What would you like to say to Newton Trails' supporters?

  • Dave - Come out and hike with us as often as you can and bring friends. Cathy and I make a good team!

  • Cathy - I encourage everyone to get out there and walk. Even if its only half a mile. Every little step helps.


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