Weekly Hikes Returning!

Newton Trails is restarting weekly hikes. Notification for each week's hike will be sent out Mondays. To minimize the potential for exposure to COVID-19 we will follow these guidelines:

  1. We will meet at the trail-head and not car pool from Covington.

  2. We will not eat in restaurants for now, but weather permitting bring lunches and find a pavilion or set of picnic tables and spread out.

  3. We will keep socially distant and wear masks when appropriate, especially when we are not able to spread out or are in an area with other people, such as public restrooms. Feel free to to wear a mask at all times.

  4. When we meet people or groups on the trail, we will step off to keep a good distance or put a mask on and let them pass.

  5. Any hiker that comes down with the virus after a hike is responsible for informing the hike leader so all participants can self-quarantine until CDC guidelines are met as well as not participate on the next hike. Newton Trails will keep contact information in Constant Contact for all hikers to facilitate communication. If you have not already done so, please send your phone number to Greg at gregr147@gmail.com.

  6. If someone has a potential exposure to the virus outside our hiking group they should self-quarantine from the hiking group until they have a negative test or have gone 10 days without symptoms, or whatever the CDC guidelines are at that time.

  7. We will not hike in areas with lots of other people or with people running on the trails.

Looking forward to hiking with everyone again!