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The retrofit of the Alcovy River Trestle from an old, dilapidated Central of Georgia Railroad trestle to a modern, safe Cricket Frog Trail bridge is underway.

The project is being run by the Newton County Transportation Department with advice and support from Newton Trails and the PATH Foundation. Thanks to our many donors, granting agencies, and Newton County, the needed money is in hand. Bids have been received from contractors; one will be recommended to the Newton County Board of Commissioners at its January 3 meeting. Assuming the Commissioners approve that recommendation, a contract will be developed and about nine months later, sometime next fall, the project will be completed.

At that time we will have a continuous, paved 14.2-mile Cricket Frog Trail running from Turner Lake Road on the west side of Covington to Zeigler Road just short of Newborn! And, Newton Trails will turn its attention to various projects aimed at extending the Cricket Frog Trail to Newborn and Porterdale, connecting it with other trails, and adding additional amenities.

Until the bridge project has been completed and the bridge has been officially opened, please remember it is closed and will remain closed until the retrofit project is complete. Do not cross it! During construction the section of unpaved trail from East End Road to the Alcovy River may be closed. 

From this:

To something like this (many thanks to Ashley King, graduate student in architecture at Georgia Tech for producing these images):

Note: There is confusion about which Alcovy River trestle is being retrofitted. Ours is the one on the Central of Georgia line between Covington and Starrsville, not the one on the CSX line out by Social Circle that is reputed to be haunted.

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