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Forest Road

You'll find existing trails in Covington, Oxford, Porterdale, and outside of Mansfield. Newton Trails organizes trail workdays, applies for grants, and partners with local governments to maintain and enhance existing trails in Newton County.  Find a safe place to ride a bike, a new route for your run or an unpaved path on our current network of beautiful, family-friendly, multi-use trails that foster health, fitness and love of the outdoors.

lake varner df.jpg

Located just north of Covington, Lake Varner features a short, paved trail along the shore of Newton County's main reservoir.  There is also an unpaved, primitive trail leading through the woods to a granite outcrop.

Yellow River Park Trail.jpg

The Yellow River Park Trails are located in Porterdale at Yellow River Park. There are three trails in the park. The first trail created was a quarter mile paved loop walking trail built by Newton Trails. The city of Porterdale added a roughly quarter mile primitive trail in the woods along the river. The city also paved about a mile quarter mile section of the start of the Yellow River/Cricket Frog Trails. The two trails will be combined at the beginning of the two trails and separate about a mile from the start of the two trails.  The Yellow River Trails will then follow the Yellow River for about 8 miles and connect with the Rockdale County Trail system. The Cricket Frog Trail will travel over 18 miles connecting Porterdale to Covington, Mansfield and Newborn. Yellow River Park also features a frisbee disc golf course, kayak launch, open play area, and picnic tables. 

charlie elliot df.jpg

Newton Trails successfully secured grant funds to build this 4.7-mile, soft-surface, multiuse trail at the Charlie Elliot Wildlife Center in 1999. Straddling Newton and Jasper Counties, the beautiful Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center is located in a wooded setting just south of the City of Mansfield.

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